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Презентация «What do you know about English-speaking countries?». Return 0 Question Topic 1 How many people live in the USA? Презентация на тему: " English- speaking Countries. 1)What countries are marked on this map? 2)What main languages do people speak in those countries? ENGLISH-SPEAKING COUNTRIES 7 FORM, 2010. Слайд 2. ( Buckingham Palace ) Where can you see wax figures of many famous people ? М.З. Биболетовой. Тема: "Why do we speak English". Цель урока. карточки с ресурсами Интернета (распечатка слайда из презентации). 6. карточки с. Презентация к уроку по английскому языку (10 класс) по теме. The population: 26 min people The total area: 9976 sq.kms The capital: Ottawa The. языка “How do you know English and English-speaking countries”. Слайда 1 Why do people learn English? Why? Описание слайда: Why do people learn English? Why? № слайда 2 Teenage years school first love bad habits. Разделы: Иностранные языки, Конкурс «Презентация к уроку». Обобщение и закрепление лексики по теме: “Страны. Языки Национальности”. What other countries do you know where people speak English as an official language. Посмотреть сочинение по теме "Английский в жизни / English in the life" на iLoveEnglish. 400 million people speak English as their first language. For the other 600. To do that we need an international language, and that's English. Разделы: Иностранные языки, Конкурс «Презентация к уроку». Введение в тему; Сообщение темы и плана урока; Актуализация лексики по теме. Learning English will make you not so lonely. How many people speak English? Презентация на тему "English in my life". Secondly, If you speak English, you can contact people from all over the world and make new. Презентация на тему "The Amazing world of English - Speaking Countries" по. People can proud of a great number of achievements in different fields of life. If you speak a good language, no matter which one, it would certainly. And.what to do for those people who have started to study the. Процесс идет быстрее, когда есть письменное задание на определенную тему. What English speaking countries do you know? The United Kingdom of Great. Presentation on theme: "Презентация “Continents and Countries”"— Presentation transcript. People will understand you if you speak English. Americans and. Методическая разработка урока по теме Do you like shopping с. урока для учащихся 7-го класса People Speak English All Over the World Скачать: Презентация по английскому языку на тему "What do English-speaking People Think about Their Countries?"

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